What Makes Us Unique ?

Bayside Toy Library isn’t just a lending service.

Bayside Toy Library is a community space where families and carers can find answers on how to raise healthy and happy children, through having fun.

The Library recognises the importance of playing as key to a successful development in any child.

Bayside Toy Library has been around for more than 30 years – that’s a lot of playing time with children!

Be reassured that the staff at the library, has the right experience and knowledge to guide you and your child in the right direction in terms of toy or activity selection for your child’s playing time.

Bayside Toy Library is a space where people can share experiences and connect.

What our members say

How Bayside Toy Library has changed lives? Hear from our members.

Awesome resource for residents of Bayside. My children love 'shopping' for new toys each week and a great way to get access the more expensive toys that you may not want to purchase yourself. Well run by a dedicated committee.
Michelle Gattone
Bayside Toy library is well equipped, has very friendly and knowledgeable staff and provides a child friendly and warm environment. My children loved both playing there during open times and taking exciting toys home both for inside and outdoor play. People make you feel so welcome that you want to come back more often. The toys are of superior quality and constantly being reviewed &renewed.
Mela Ziebell