membership packages

Membership packages

Bayside Toy Library memberships are valid for a year. Borrowing period is three weeks.

MembershipBorrow limit (at a time)Standard membershipVolunteer membershipConcession membership
Bronze3 toys + 1 puzzle or game

$190$100 + 6 hour duty$50 + 6 hour duty
Silver6 toys + 2 puzzles or games$210$120 + 6 hour duty$60 + 6 hour duty
Gold9 toys + 3 puzzles or games$230$140 + 6 hour duty$70 + 6 hour duty
Grandparents & School holidays3 toys + 1 puzzle or game
5 passes to use within 12 months
$70$40 + 2 hour dutyNA
Games 2 games or puzzles$55$30 + 1 hour duty$15 + 1 hour duty

Concession card holders get a 50% discount in their memberships, but require volunteer hours. Concession card holders can choose to not volunteer but need to pay duty levy.

Borrowing Guidelines

You can borrow a number of toys and a puzzle for 3 weeks, depending on the type of membership you’ve selected. 

If you are unsure about what toys to borrow, you can check our category and age group guides, or ask our friendly librarian for recommendations. They are usually on the ball!

Children above 18 months are encouraged to borrow a puzzle or a game as well as the number of toys according to the membership chosen.

Before leaving the Toy Library, you should check that the toy is complete and undamaged. When you get home make sure you count the pieces and that it’s all there. Should there be a problem, please email us!

The library charges a small fine for overdue items and missing pieces. But we know life throws spanners at us parents and carers sometimes, so if you email us and let us know you won’t be able to return your toys on time, we will make arrangements and not charge any fees.

become a member

Depending on the level of membership chosen, members are required to do a rostered duty sessions three times a year. At Bayside Toy Library, you can nominate the type of duty that suits you, whether is covering the duty at the library or through a skill or profession you’d like to continue developing. Please, refer to the “Benefits of joining Bayside Toy Library” for more details. 

If you are unable to commit to 6 the allocated duty hours duty, please ask us about our non-duty levy.

Should you have any question or just wish to learn more about the library, visit us during opening hours, or call us on 0447 985 221.