Toy Categories

The Activity section of the toy library includes items crucial in gross motor skill development such as crawling, walking, jumping, climbing and balancing suitable for children 6 months – 10 years.

The Coordination section contains many of our great fine motor skill building items that assist children aged 18 months right through to 10 years to understand size, weight, and number concepts. Lego and Duplo are also in the coordination section.

The Infant section includes toys and items used to encourage the development of children who are reaching their first milestones: rolling, crawling, cruising and walking as well as fine motor skills such as posting, shape sorting and stacking.

Here at the Bayside Toy Library we have wide range of music toys catering to budding musicians of all ages, such as bongo drums, musical bells and xylophones.

We have a large dress up section  with over 200 dress ups in our collection and sizes ranging from size 2 to size 6. Great for dress up days, school’s or kindergarten’s  events or any other special days like Halloween!

Our expression toys and items encourage imaginative play.  Young children learn by imagining and doing, copying activities they experience such as cooking, cleaning, playing on the playground. As they grow, they enjoy more complex story lines with pirates, knights, dinosaurs or weddings. 

The Puzzle section contains puzzles for children as young as 16 months who can complete very simple puzzles with only a couple of pieces. We have over 400 puzzles of various types including 100 piece jigsaw puzzles for older children and adults to enjoy.

The games section contains board games for children from as young as 2 years of age who will enjoy learning basic turn taking, matching and dice recognition, all the way up to 10 years and even adults encouraging the family enjoyment of coming together to play a classic board game like Monopoly.

The Specialist section includes games, toys and other items for children of all abilities, including school readiness toys and toys that can be used in conjunction with therapy for children with special needs. Some of our most popular items include those encouraging social and emotional development, numeracy and literacy education and sensory items.

Find out more in the Special Requirement Toys section



At times we offer party and mystery packs to assist those families who are either not very familiar with the library’s catalog, are not very sure what toys to pick to help their children achieve specific milestones, or simply need to entertain many kids at a time.