Cleaning Guidelines

Care of Toys

Each member is responsible for ensuring the toys and puzzles they borrow are thoroughly cleaned and dried before they are returned.

We recommend that you clean toys before giving them to babies, as we cannot guarantee they are sterile. All pieces need to be counted before returning the toy to the Toy Library. Please return toys in the same (or better!) condition as when borrowed.

A Cleaning Kit available in the kitchen at the Toy Library if you have run out of time cleaning toys at home.

Basic Cleaning Kit

  • A cleaning formula which removes grease, such as Spray and Wipe; Tri-Nature (enviro-friendly); or Bi-carb and vinegar (enviro- friendly and non-toxic)
  • Disinfectant (eg. Dettol) or wipes
  • A cleaning cloth
  • An old toothbrush

How to clean toys

If soiled, wash the toy well with hot, soapy water – use the toothbrush to help. Use a grease-removing formula if necessary. Rinse. Please do not submerge puzzles, games, baby rattles and similar items in water.

Dry the toy with a tea towel.

“Outdoor toys” also require thorough cleaning as they are often used indoors by different members.

Dress ups should be gently washed and dried prior to return.

If your child has been ill, please disinfect the toys, but do not soak them in disinfectant as this can remove the colour from some plastics.