Encouraging your child to play with a wide range of MUSIC TOYS is a great way to help develop THEIR MEMORIES, LISTENING SKILLS AND HAND-EYE COORDINATION.

Bayside Toy Library has a great collection of different types of music toys and instruments for all stages of your child’s development.

Why are music toys important?


Music plays a huge role in your little one’s development.

It accelerates their brain development and stimulates those very important listening skills.

Plus, playing with music toys and games is great in supporting the development of their memories!

It’s more than brain development though.

Playing with musical instruments and toys, and singing and dancing are super fun ways for them to express themselves.

It’s yet another way you’re helping your kiddo understand who they are and be exactly who they want to be!

There are so many different types of music toys and games. 

Your child will be nice and busy playing with tambourine after drum after guitar after maraca after xylophone… You get the point.


The mental and social benefits to playing with music toys are obvious.

The physical benefits are just as brilliant, but a little less obvious to see.

For example, the hand-eye coordination needed to hold and use a xylophone mallet against the xylophone keys is something you might take for granted.

But for your kiddo, it’s not as easy as you’d think!

Encouraging them to play with different types of musical toys and instruments will help them develop that hand-eye coordination and important fine motor skills.

Just by picking up those mallets, they’re doing wonders for their grasping and pinching skills.

And if your little one takes to the drums, well, just think of the coordination benefits they’re getting from using both their arms AND their legs!

Music toys for physical development
Music games


Incorporating music games into your child’s play is a great way of enhancing their experience and development.

It can be as simple as forming a band with them and role playing a concert.

You might even create a game that involves them ‘writing’ their very own song.

Be engaging this type of play, you’re getting the developmental benefits that come along with music toys, like hand-eye coordination and memory retention.

And at the same time, you’re introducing other skills, like social skills, taking turns, sharing and listening. 

Why not take it a step further and incorporate dress ups and costumes?

Your child will absolutely love the narrative you’re helping them build.

Better yet, they’ll get those creative thinking and problem solving skills working too!


As toddlers begin to understand cause and effect, they will absolutely love exploring different types music toys.

Their curiosity is truly running wild so simple instruments like tambourines and maracas are perfect to encourage this learning process.

Preschoolers are beginning to grasp the idea of playing together.

What a great opportunity to encourage them to play in a sharing environment with musical instruments and toys!

Plus, they’ll love some trickier toys such as keyboards and xylophones to help boost their fine motor skills and coordination.

Early learners are absorbing the world around them like never before, and musical expression will help them develop their emotional side.

More complex and life-like instruments are also great for fine motor skill development — try ukuleles and small guitars.

Whatever the musical toy, game or instrument, Bayside Toy Library’s massive collection will keep your child happy, singing and dancing.

You have to love that.

Check out the catalogue here.

Music toys as kids grow