STEM is very important aspect of the children development, to explore all the little scientist inside them.

A toy doesn’t have to be labelled STEM to promote STEM-related thinking or skill-building. When you break down the basic concepts of science, technology, engineering and math, you’ll find a foundation of sequencing, matching, building, and spatial planning and awareness. Most toys encourage active thinking and process and are therefore educational with STEM-related benefits.



Toddlers are keen to explore the elements. Water play provides numerous opportunities to explore STEM. Our aqua play set is the perfect toy to encourage this learning. Building and playing with the water play system creates opportunities to problem solve, discuss shapes, and explore floating, sinking and water flow. For a richer learning experience, add ice cubes (icebergs) to the play set and watch the fun develop as your child explores melting.


Three and four-year olds

Three and four year olds are inquisitive little people who love to explore and investigate the world around them. Our fantastic STEM based toys will support your child’s curious mind.

The Australian government is promoting STEM play activities since the baby stage to the older years.


For older children

For older children, the science laboratory will provide hours of inquiry based learning activities. You could fill the containers with a drop of food colouring to really enhance the learning experience and help your child discover how different materials react when combined.

The periscope is also a popular STEM toy. Your child will enjoy exploring the environment and investigating light, reflection and angles. You can even make your own with help from

The last of our new STEM items have been added to the shelves

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