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Changes to volunteers rosters and duties

Hello members!

Now that we are back to a pseudo post-COVID normal, we’ve made some changes to rostered duties. We’ve also been listening to feedback and we’ve added some additional options.

Length of rosters

Roster duties are back to the traditional 2 hours.


Yes, kids are welcome back to roster duties. If you can’t leave them with anyone at home, feel free to bring them along


We are hoping to be able to run some events and fundraisers, which means you’ll be able to come along as part of your duties and help us on the day. πŸ™‚

Watch this space for some upcoming event announcements!

2 hour “at home” duty

We will be sporadically releasing two-hour duties to do at home. These will include things like labelling toys for cataloguing, cleaning toys, etc. You will have a week to complete said tasks. We think this could be a great option if you are struggling to complete your set of rosters within a period or if you find yourself unable to leave your kids at home and would rather not bring them along. For the time being while we trial this options, we will cap this duty type to two hours a year per member (since rosters are what keep the library running!). We will notify all members when these duties come up via email.

Please remember to sign up for roster duty. This is what allows us to keep the library open. We also love to meet our members in person!