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The importance of mindfulness and wellbeing

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Last week Bayside Toy Library’s committee president Jacqui Warfe was featured in The Age as part of an article talking about how we can help school kids during these crazy times.

Jacqui talks about the role of mindfulness in helping cope with grief and anxiety, and shares the importance of practicing wellbeing-focused activities.

Wellbeing needs to be flexible, something that is both universal yet very much unique to each person. Ten minutes of mindfulness a day can be “like taking your brain out of your head, giving it a good wash and popping it back in”.

Relaxation isn’t the end goal, rather a happy by-product. Jacqui says the purpose is to stay in the moment. If you have thoughts like ‘I have to do this’ or ‘that’s due’, you just very gently, without judgment on yourself, let those thoughts pass. Don’t jump in and engage with them. Like a passing cloud or train, pop it on there and come back to what you were doing.”

If you’d like to read the full article, you can download the PDF.